Certificates of Origin

This is a non-preferential document that proves the origin of the stock. The document is required for import in certain countries: Australia, Albania, Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Venezuela, Vietnam, Georgia, Egypt, India, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Canada, Kuwait, North Korea, Laos, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Mexico, Moldova, New Zealand, U.A.E., Pakistan, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA, Taiwan, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Philippines, Chili, Japan, etc. 

Certificate of Origin is filled out in English, French, German or Russian according to the requirements of the client. The Certificate is in four copies – one original, two copies of the original and a declaration by the exporter. The documents are legalized by the Bulgarian Industrial Association. 

The Certificate of Origin is filled out and legalized at the moment the documents are presented. 

Time to issue: 20 minutes 
Price: from 15 to 290 lv. 

Names and descriptions of the boxes in the Certificate are as follows: 

  1. Consignor: the name and the full address of the consignor; 
  2. Consignee: the name and the full address of the consignee; 
  3. Country of Origin: the country in which the stock has been produced; 
  4. Transport details: the way the stock is transported (by ship, by truck, by air, etc.), the name and the number of the vehicle, truck; 
  5. Remarks: Invoice number and/or contract number; 
  6. Marks, number and kind of packages; Description of Goods: marks that are on the packages of the stock, the quantity and the type of the stock as well as the full name of the stock or their customs code; 
  7. Quantity: the quantity of the stock with the 3-letter code of the certain mean of measure; 
  8. In the bottom of the page there is a text in four languages with which the Bulgarian Industrial Association certifies that the abovementioned stock are from the country of origin displayed in cell 3. On the back of the fourth copy there is a Declaration which is signed by the CEO of the firm or another authorized person.


This website http://isco.bg/ allows customs authorities to verify the authenticity of the certificates of origin issued by the Bulgarian Industrial Association. When entered in the relevant spaces, the number printed on the front of the certificate and the date of issue thereof http://isco.bg/ provide an immediate access to the name of the company whose name appears thereon. Contact information of the Bulgarian Industrial Association is available to customs authorities worldwide in case of any doubts or questions regarding certificates. http://isco.bg/

The Bulgarian Industrial Association is authorized to issue certificates of non-preferential origin of goods by virtue of licence No. P-570/32-301392/28.10.2016 issued by the Customs Agency pursuant to Article 16z, paragraph 1, of the Customs Act of the Republic of Bulgaria.


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