The project – ‘Enhance Adult Learners Digital Skills for Furniture Industry – DigiFInd’ addresses the need for further training of adult trainers in order to enable them to teach digital skills with more efficient results, using ICT based instruments, as a precondition for improving the digital skills of low skilled adults and for supporting them in becoming more employable and socially integrated in the furniture industry. 

Funding Programme: Erasmus+, Key Action 2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices - Strategic Partnerships for adult education 

Project duration: 01.09.2018 – 31.08.2021 

The objectives include developing a training program for trainers, educational materials and innovative instruments for supporting the training on digital skills for low-skilled adult employees in the Furniture sector.

The target group includes adult educators, providing training in Digital skills and Industry 4.0 for low-skilled adult learners in Furniture sector, including:

  • Adult education organizations and trainers;
  • Training providers on digital skills;
  • HEIs;
  • Research centers;
  • Policy makers.

Reports from the overview of:

  • existing specific learning methods and the challenges of training low-skilled adults in digital skills;
  • the focus groups on the most important needs, challenges, opportunities and problems in the furniture industry related to the enhancement of the digital skills of low-skilled employees from different perspectives - trainers and IT specialists.

An ICT-based training program for trainers, including learning outcomes, curriculum, evaluation materials and tools;

An ICT-based education kit, including tools for trainers which offers training to low-skilled adult learners in the digital skills and industry 4.0 industry;

An ICT-based platform based on a training program for trainers and an educational package to be used to provide digital literacy training for adults studying in the furniture industry; User Guidelines to use the DigiFInd platform.

Biliana Boneva
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