The aim of Contracteranto is to develop an online database:

  • With safety related items of high-risk functions
  • From out all sectors
  • Translated in all European languages and even other languages if there ineed

Target groups
  • Companies and their prevention departments who work a lot with nonnative speaking operational workers for short periods. They need to give appropriate safety instructions, regulations, etc... in a foreign language.
  • Contractors who put more and more non native language speaking workers into the different sectors.
  • The non native speakers themselves, who work abroad for contractors on short term for a certain project.
Leonardo da Vinci
  • Bulgarian Industrial Association /BIA/
  • CONSTRUCTIV, Belgium
  • Active Project Development – Europe, Belgium
  • Hendrik De Lange, Belgium /associate expert/
  • Prevent, Belgium
  • VIBNA, Belgium
  • AGORIA, Belgium
  • AGIFODENT, Spain
  • POINT, Turkey
  • SPI, Portugal
  • Prevention and Interim, Belgium
  • EPYC, Belgium
Martin Stoyanov
1527 Sofia, 76 Chataldzha Str.
+3592 932 09 33