The project promotes the concept of “GREEN-BLUE-ENERGY FACTORY”: industrial and commercial buildings equipped with single or combined renewable energy sources, able to provide electricity, heating and cooling for the air conditioning of premises, as well as for the business activities housed therein.

GBE FACTORY will encourage the transition from industrial and commercial buildings using fossil fuel to second-generation buildings/sites which are energetically sustainable and environment-friendly.

Trigger the installation of  21 MWp of heat/electrical energy  from renewable energy sources in Europe, many of which in demonstrative plants which will be references for replication in Europe, for a potential turnover  of more than 70.000.000 euro

Target groups

Industrial or commercial building working with “zero carbon emissions”, or one or more buildings equipped with plants producing renewable energy, which can be distributed to the surrounding companies of the same industrial or commercial area.  In this way, abandoned industrial or commercial buildings can become local plants for the production of renewable energy, favouring new business and employment.

Intelligent Energy Europe Programme /EACI/
  • Bulgarian Industrial Association /BIA/
  • Regional Association of Veneto’s Chambers of Commerce /Italy/
  • Forgreen S.p.a.  /Italy/
  • Clusterland Upper Austria Ltd. /Austria/
  • S.O.L.I.D. Company for Installation of Solar and Design /Austria/
  • Erato Holding /Bulgaria/
  • Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce /Slovakia/
  • Elteco /Slovakia/
  • NBank /Germany/
  • Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany
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