The main Goals:

  1. To create the sustainable network for cooperation between the Industrial Faculty end leading business organizations for the needs of the updating of the Curricula to the real needs of the Labor market.
  2. To engage the businesses for the systematical increasing the practical implementation of the Curricula.
  3. To institutionalize the back connection from the graduates of the Industrial Faculty for the current identification of needed knowledge and skills in real worming environment.
  4. To increase adaptability of the young  graduates to the businesses demands through regular trainings in the partners’ organizations.
  5. To increase the quality of the teaching on economics and businesses stressing on the interactive methods and practical knowledge and skills.
  6. On the basis of the tight connection between training and practice to improve the possibilities of employability of the graduates of Economics and industrial management.


The specific goals:

  1. To build the mechanism for sustainable cooperation between the Faculty management Body, Emp0lyers’organizations and businesses.
  2. To create the procedure for systematical identification of the businesses needs concerning the expected competencies for the specialties on Economics and Industrial management.
  3. To create the system for keeping under observation the opinions of the graduated and expected knowledge and skills in real working environment.
  4. To update periodically Curricula in connection with identified needs of the businesses.
  5. Business partners to be involved in the teaching process as lecturers and participants in practical discussions.
  6. The training process do be moved tighter to the needs of the businesses  on the basis of the real practical solutions.
  7. To improve the methods of training on Economics and stressing on interactive solutions and practices.
  8. To reach more realistic estimation of the training process from the Employers


Target groups

Students from all kind courses and professors from the Industrial Faculty of the Sofia University

Updating of the Curricula in High Education in connection with the labor market demands
Budget line
BG051PO001- 3.1.07, 219 706,35 BGN
  1. To institutionalize the connection between the Management of the industrial Faculty and the partners’ organizations through the long term agreement.
  2. To analyze the necessities of the specialists and competencies  on the labor market concerning Economics and industrial management in Bulgaria within the sectors of financing, banking, IKT, Logistics .
  3. Representative inquiry of the students opinion concerning the competencies needed on the labor market (Financing, Banking, IKT, Logistics) in conformity with the Curricula  improvement;
  4. Carrying out of 4 workshops with the participation of the experts from the partners’ organizations stressing on the competencies needs identification and improvement of the Curricula for the specialties of Economics and industrial management.
  5. To harmonize the changes in the current Curricula in cooperation with the experts from the partners’ organizations.
  6. To update the current Curricula in compliance with the partners’ organizations recommendations.
  7. To examine the actualized Curricula in real environment end with involvement of the business partners in the training..
  8. To modernize the training with the modern technique for interactive teaching/learning.
  9. To engage the businesses in the new Curricula implementation trough short-term working visits of the students in enterprises of the partners’ organizations.  
  1. 1. Sustainable mechanism built for continuous adaptation of the Curricula in the Industrial Faculty of Sofia University to the needs of the labor market .
  2. Long-term partnership between Management of the Industrial Faculty and partners’ organizations institutionalized;
  3. Procedure for systematic identification of the business needs and  competencies  of the graduates on Economics and Industrial management developed;
  4. System for identification the opinions of the graduates concerning the changes of the needs of the knowledge and skills in real environment developed;
  5. System for periodically actualization of the Curricula developed and suggested to the authorized bodies;
  6. The quality of the training on Economics and business improved trough new and modern methods;
  7. The training is more closed to the practice through the involvement of the partners’ experts as lecturers;
  8. The suitability (competencies) of the graduates to the business needs through regular short term trainings in the enterprises of the partners’ organizations  improved 9. Tighter communication of the training process with the business problems through the decision of real tasks.
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