Despite the good macroeconomic parameters, lower taxes and sound banking system, the business environment in our country not only noted significant improvement in recent years, but Bulgaria each year goes down in the international rating charts. According to World Bank in 2012 on the quality of business environment Bulgaria lags 2 seats - 71 out of 73.

The high amount of the gray economy (according to the Center for the Study of Democracy, between 18 and 32%) and the outflow of foreign direct investment are the result of insufficient and attractive business environment.

It said in the development of BIA, presenting an analysis of current status andproposals for improving the business environment in Bulgaria. The material was presented at a press conference today, 14 November, the Executive Chairman of theBIA Danev and Deputy Speaker of the House Kamen Kolev.

The presented paper is part of series analysis and positions of the Bulgarian Industrial Association on the occasion of recommendations by the EU to Bulgaria in the summer of 2011 regarding the need for reforms in key socio-economic spheres.To date, the BIA has presented positions on the issues of education, health, labor market and pension system.

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Date: 14.11.2011

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