Date: 13.11.2011

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Bozhidar Danev explained that the role of the budget in times of crisis increases tremendously. "In this moment bulgarian economy suffers from a lack of liquidity. Our economy is cooling down, this cooling may be terminated by the entry of new tools, hopefully this phenomenon," said Danev. "We do not see the purpose of ministry.The purpose of the budget is super - financial stability of the state. But we do not see the purpose of ministry, what will achieve the ministries of these funds. We see that the funds are not reduced to the ministries. No reduction of the state structures, "said Danev.

Stoyanova said that should not be ignored also the target of a sharp increase in the absorption of EU funds. "I think this is a goal that her budget is properly set.Absorption of EU funds is another tool to increase investments and competitiveness of Bulgarian economy" Stoyanova said Mandy.

According to the chairman of BIA, over 90% utilization of funds depend on the workof the administration.

When we speak to raise consumption, we must first raise investment and industrialconsumption, and then to raise domestic consumption. To balance the budget framework of the Institute one of the best solutions is gradually increasing as the ageand employment record. Now I see that squeezed by debt crisis, we can not go tosuch a decision.

That was said to BNR by Bozhidar Danev, Chairman of the BIA. For him, the budgetis too cautious. "But the demands for reform of the Council of Europe in 6 areas ofBulgarian public life, in practice did not take place, they are too timid these reforms," he said.

If you raise the lowest pensions only, this means that punish those who were loyal to the system and pay higher contributions, said Danev.

For its part, Mandy Stoyanova, Chair of Budget Committee, said in parliament thatthe budget can not be divided reforms. "You can see them only if they directly affectfunding on these systems. In the part of the financing of the education system we have 50 million more than last year and it is aimed at secondary school. As forhigher education, there is going to reform, but you can not see it in the budget. This reform will impact the rating system. Between the first and second reading will hardlyoccur drastic changes in the budget. The Finance Minister said that revenues are planned conservatively. I do not know Olli Rehn forecasts of what basis are the same morning but gave another EC forecast. you understand that you can speak to one of Olli Rehn we remodel budget. we can not look at what Bob is going to happen because it depends not only on beans, "said Stoyanova.

Regarding the pensions Stoyanova said that can not be on the increase of pensionsin general, because "these are our parents' money." "But the conditions in which isBulgaria, Europe and the world, we can not afford to undermine the financial stabilityof the country, increasing pensions", is Stoyanova.

She explained that pension reform is not just an increase in pension or retirement age. The big debate, according to Stoyanova, which must be held for early retirement. "The experience to add to believe that wages should be linked toproductivity. We could not just based on education, experience, experience to formsalary per person without being reported its actual performance," added Stoyanova