This will not happen abruptly, but through a gradual transformation, said Tomcho Tomov from BIA

"There are two aspects. One is that some of the jobs will be completely eliminated with the introduction of artificial intelligence. According to the International Labour Organization, this will be about 6% globally - about 2% for men and about 4% for women. The second aspect is that this will not happen abruptly, but there will be a gradual transformation," said the Director of the National Competence Assessment Center at BIA Tomcho Tomov in the studio of Bulgaria on Air.

He cites a study according to which the jobs of administrators, office employees, accountants, banking, tax and insurance employees, cashiers in retail outlets, lawyers are at the highest risk.

"Artificial intelligence does not replace human abilities, it amplifies them. It will affect all occupations to some extent, except for physical low-skilled labour. Those occupations that are more sustainable are three categories. The first is where high emotional intelligence, skills for complex relationships with people are required. The second category is the creative professions - arts, research, healthcare, education," explained the guest.

In the third category of people - physical labor, Tomov predicts that it will remain, but they will be more demanding dexterity and decision-making in non-standard situations.

"People are afraid for their future and their professions. Although jobs will be lost and transformed, in a situation of transitions, more jobs are always created than closed. The person will have to change his attitude towards work - it will no longer be laying hours of working time, but will require intelligence, mind," commented Tomov.

According to him, the skills of the future are being created now and we are even late with this adaptation.

"In the case of enterprises, everything depends on the policies of the state. Employers in the majority of the sector are still oriented, but are not fully aware of the benefits of artificial intelligence. We can't bet everything on him," Tomov said.

Date: 26.01.2024

Source: Bulgaria on air

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