“Bulgarian Poultry Union is our long-term member and is one of the few branch organizations in which there is strong continuity, constructive dialogue between the members of the union and proactivity for the problems in the branch. You not only survived in these turbulent times, but also provided quality food that satisfies not only the Bulgarian consumer but also foreign markets. Difficult times have shown us once again that we are all in the same boat and we must row together in one direction towards a competitive economy”. This was stated by the President of BIA Dobri Mitrev in his greeting to the participants in the regular General Assembly of the organization.

He stressed that the BIA team will work to reduce the VAT rate on foodstuffs, to strengthen the activities of Bulgaria's trade representatives abroad, which will help promote the export of Bulgarian products to foreign markets and for greater audibility on the side of the government and control bodies for the problems of the food industry.

During the General Assembly, the representatives of the Union shared that currently the most serious challenges facing the industry are high prices of electricity and feed, low purchase prices of eggs and lack of state support for the sector.


Date: 12.04.2022

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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