Key decisions during today's online meeting of the Council of Ministers. The cabinet is sitting in absentia due to the imposed isolation of the prime minister and the head of the cabinet. The work of the Council of Ministers proceeds without difficulties and without delays in the administrative procedures.

At an operational meeting, the ministers discussed the National Operational Plan for Dealing with COVID - 19. The main criterion in it for the first time will be the percentage of intensive care beds in hospitals. It is this percentage that will determine what restrictive measures will be introduced. The plan envisages 4 stages with specific measures for each of them, which are announced in advance to the attention of citizens and businesses. More serious restrictions will be imposed when the number of beds in the country's intensive care units becomes critically limited.

Measures will be taken at regional rather than national level, according to the prevalence of the virus and standard referral practices for COVID patients. The mathematical model that the plan will work on will allow for five days' notice before restrictive measures are imposed, and every citizen will be able to monitor the percentage of free beds in the intensive care units on a daily basis.

The aim of the new plan is for the state to have the fastest and most adequate response to the challenges posed by the pandemic. The Prime Minister undertook to make every effort and available resources to avoid the closure of the economy and the reintroduction of distance learning.

Date: 13.01.2022

Source: Council of Ministers

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