The business has agreed on higher compensations for the price of electricity and this brings some reassurance that jobs will be preserved, investment intentions will be realized and it will not just about survival, said for BNR - Plovdiv, the President of BIA Dobri Mitrev.

"The dialogue took place and gave birth to a better and fairer solution for all non-domestic electricity consumers," Mitrev said. Until now, business benefits have been limited to a maximum of 30% of the market price of electricity. It was the ceiling that became a source of dissatisfaction on the part of employers' organizations.

Today, after a long online meeting, the government and the business agreed on over BGN 185 per megawatt-hour on the free market, the compensation will amount to 75% of the excess. The ceiling remains, but it is already different - no more than BGN 250 per megawatt-hour.

During yesterday’s meeting was agreed to take further measures if there are new shocks in the market.

According to Mitrev, the compensations are essentially a return of part of the excess, which due to systemic errors of the Bulgarian energy system have gone as a surplus from energy companies. This is fair justice for everything that has happened in the energy markets.

The problem is Bulgarian and the EU, because in the US the price per kilowatt hour is $ 50, in China almost the same, and in Europe it allowed extremely high prices, which reduce the competitiveness of any company, including Bulgarian.

We need a new energy strategy, a new integrated plan "Energy and Climate", new rules for the operation of the Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange, legislative decisions to prevent similar shocks in the future”, said Dobri Mitrev.

Date: 12.01.2022

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