The main challenge for "Ideal Standard - Vidima" in 2021 was to achieve business goals in a pandemic. "The company's development strategy has turned all structures of Ideal Standard - Vidima into key factors for the positioning of the Ideal Standard group among the leaders in Europe for modern complete bathroom solutions," said Yaroslav Donchev, CEO of Ideal Standard - Vidima.

"The plants are working at full speed due to increased orders since the beginning of the year and the vote of confidence in the production of the best-selling products in Bulgaria. During the year we had to prove that we can do it - to produce on time, with high quality, to distribute the needed quantities on the market. We have realized many new products and strengthened our leading position on the Bulgarian market. Last year the youngest and constantly expanding structure in our organization - the Financial Services Center celebrated 10 years since its establishment," said Yaroslav Donchev and added: "In 2021 the technological renewal of the plants continued, because only in this way we can increase our competitiveness, increase the efficiency of production and bring production to a higher technological level in the sanitary industry. We can proudly say that the investments made in 2021 is almost 8 million euros."

In 2021, 570 new employees have joined the company, among them - production workers, engineers, graphic designers, financial professionals. It is this variety of activities and professions that makes "Ideal Standard - Vidima" an attractive place for professional realization.

Plant for production of sanitary fittings:

"Investments in modern equipment in the plant for the production of sanitary fittings continued in 2021 and naturally follow the successful projects of 2019 and 2020," said Emil Gatev, director of the plant for the production of sanitary fittings and explained: "Continue technological renewal in the process "Foundry" - we have introduced two new shot blasting machines and four automatic saws, we have completed the overhaul of the last four core machines. These are investments that set a higher level of working environment. Improvements in the "Foundry" process will continue in 2022 - we are about to introduce a third new low pressure injection molding machine. A significant project that I am implementing is a new laboratory for incoming control of delivery materials. Along with the renewal of the processes, we have invested in improving the living conditions."

Plant for production of sanitary ceramics:

"The plant for production of sanitary ceramics has implemented a number of large-scale investment projects to modernize the plant. Among the most significant investments are projects for automation and robotics of production lines, and this process will continue and be realized thanks to the Bulgarian engineering team," he said. Valentin Ganev, director of the plant for sanitary ceramics and added: "In 2021 we installed two new high-pressure casting presses, which contribute to achieving much higher quality of cast products and increase by 30% the casting capacity. The Ideal Standard Group has assigned our plant to become the main center for the production of toilets without a ring, using the new Rimless 2.0 technology. We produce toilets and bidets from the company's new "silk black" series, which has become popular on the market. In result of the technological transformation of the plant the ergonomics and working conditions in production processes have significantly improved."

Recognition for the company's contribution to society is the national prize "Investor in Society" at the Bulgarian Forum of Business Leaders, and Forbes magazine ranked "Ideal Standard - Visible" in the top 3 in the category "Company 2021".

"Ideal Standard - Vidima" is a member of the Regional Industrial Association - Gabrovo

Date: 12.01.2022

Source: Rositsa

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