Compensatory mechanisms for business due to rising electricity prices demanded from businesses, as well as the convening of a National Security Advisory Council under the President.

"If the compensation is fair, we will call on our members, the employers, to increase incomes and not increase prices. The energy cost ceiling does not compensate in any way for the excess electricity costs. We proposed that 75 percent of the difference over the projected value of electricity determined by the EWRC to the average monthly value of electricity on the stock market be compensated. This is fair and can help us not to sink into the quagmire of the energy crisis and lead us to serious economic growth," said the President of the Bulgarian Industrial Association Dobri Mitrev.

He predicts that if the problem is not solved, there will be bankruptcies of structural enterprises - companies in the sectors of chemistry, metallurgy, glass industry.

"Some companies are already on the brink. There are fired employees. The direct dialogue with the Bulgarian government has not started yet, which is a problem, if there is a dialogue we will reach the right decisions," Dobri Mitrev added.

According to him, the goal is to increase the income of enterprises and to have a fair social system.

"NSAC is something extreme. There are enough funds to be distributed to everyone," Dobri Mitrev added.

He predicted that the price of electricity would be reduced and requested meetings with Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, Finance Minister Asen Vassilev and the Energy Minister.

Date: 04.01.2022

Source: Bulgarian National Television

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