EVIC participates in consultations of the Managing Authority of the indicative operational program Environment 2021-2027 on the project for introduction of financial incentives for the purchase of a new electric car, before its dispatch to the EC.

The project stipulates that the financial support will be in the amount of 30% of the value of the electric car, but not more than 6135 euros. In total, the program has pledged funds in the amount of 60 million euros. At the moment, the incentives are provided only for citizens of municipalities with polluted air and for those who are ready in exchange to recycle of the pre-Euro and Euro 1 categories. It has been proven that pre-Euro and Euro 1 diesel cars contribute to almost 55% of the PM emissions emitted by private vehicles in major cities. It is good practice in EU Member States to apply financial instruments for electric vehicles against transmission for recycling of high-emission old cars.

The goal is to reduce the amount of air pollution caused by transport. The idea is to gradually limit the use of personal transport vehicles with high emissions through the promotion of electric mobility. Support for the introduction of low-emission zones will be concentrated in cities with poor air quality and significant traffic problems.

Separately, the Transport Connectivity Program envisages measures for intermodality in urban environments and construction of charging stations for electric vehicles on the national road network.

EVIC welcomes any efforts to promote electromobility in Bulgaria. Since 2010, the branch organization has been proposing separate measures and their systematic linking to encourage the entry of electric vehicles and the infrastructure for them.

Date: 23.11.2021

Source: IKEM

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