The Bulgarian Industrial Association was awarded the "Partner of the Year" award by the Bulgarian Construction Chamber Plovdiv (BCC Plovdiv). The award was presented personally by the chairman of BCC Plovdiv Plamen Ivanov and is awarded at the suggestion of companies in the construction sector. The reason for the award is the joint work on the Project "Joint actions of the social partners for adapting the working environment to the specific ageing needs of different generations with the aim to promote a longer working life and workability."

"The nomination itself means a lot to our team. It shows us that we are going in the right direction that the business recognizes in us an outstretched hand, and not just another institution that wants to take something from it," said during the ceremony the Vice President of BIA Stanislav Popdonchev.

Mr. Popdonchev thanked for the active and valuable work of the Plovdiv Construction Chamber in the ActivAgeing project. A project focused on people, on generational differences in the workplace and in search of good practices to share in order to multiply.

"The sector has shown some of the best results. It is a pleasure to partner with employers in the industry - not because you have no problems, but because you are ready to work to solve them," said Mr. Popdonchev.

The BIA team thanks for the award!

Date: 19.11.2021

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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