As of today, October 12, the Employment Agency has launched a new procedure for the measure, which has gained popularity as 60/40. It is targeted at employers seeking support for maintaining the employment of their staff during the period August - December 2021.

The terms and conditions for receiving support in the period August - December 2021 are similar to those applied for the previous months of June and July. The measure continues to support the maintenance of employment in enterprises engaged in economic activity in the sectors specified in CMD 151/2020, which average monthly sales revenues in 2020 have decreased compared to 2019.

The regulated support for the new stage is also maintained in the amount of 60% of the income and social security contributions of each employee in enterprises, whose sales revenues have decreased by not less than 40% during the month for which the support is provided. As before, financial support of 50% will continue to be provided to employees in enterprises whose sales revenues during the compared periods have decreased by not less than 30 percent. For those established after 1st of June 2019, the decline in income for the month for which they apply will be determined compared to the average monthly income for 2020. The amount of funds provided for each employee will now be determined based on his insurance income for July 2021.

Date: 12.10.2021

Source: National Employment Agency

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