The Youth Business Club at the Ruse Industrial Association and the regional governor Borislav Bulgarinov discussed priorities in developing a business model in the cross-border region and the opportunities for tourism growth. The idea is to launch active advertising in this part of the country in Western Europe, especially in Benelux countries. According to the local administration, the number of tourists from these countries, who choose to spend their holidays in Bulgaria, is growing. Still, few of them are familiar with the riches of the Ruse region.

According to members of the Business Club, more Western European tourists visit Bulgaria thanks to the cruises on the river corridor Rhine - Main - Danube.

The Industrial Association in the Danube city also offers encouragement and more active holding of joint cultural events - exhibitions, concerts and readings between cities from Bulgaria and Romania.

The participants in the meeting united around the effective use of human resources, the academic community, and vocational and specialized high schools in the city. Experts from the Industrial Association in Ruse are also preparing projects to develop logistics infrastructure in the whole area.

Date: 29.07.2021

Source: ISA-Ruse

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