The Forum for Sustainable Development marked the jubilee anniversaries of the brewing industry in the country. The event was held under the motto "Transparent-responsible-sustainable" and is the first public initiative dedicated to three significant anniversaries for the industry - 140 years since the establishment of the brewing industry in Bulgaria, 65 years - brewing science in Bulgaria and 30 years since the founding of Union of Brewers in Bulgaria (SPB). Innovation, the economic, social and environmental contribution of the sector were the top highlights of the Forum, organized by the Brewers' Association. BIA's Chair Radosvet Radev awarded the Union of Brewers an "ICAR" statue for its initiatives and achievements.

The main participants in the discussion were the chairman of SPB - Vladimir Ivanov and the executive director of the organization - Ivana Radomirova, the general directors of the brewing companies, experts from the scientific circles and partners of the social responsibility initiatives. In addition, moderator Dobrina Cheshmedzhieva presented the current data, different views, employer practices, and trends in the sector. As a result, professionals unanimously reaffirmed the belief that despite the negatives of the COVID pandemic, the beer industry continues to grow sustainably.

Regarding the contribution of breweries in the country and the challenges they have overcome in the last year, Ivana Radomirova publicly announced: "According to a European reputation survey from April this year, Bulgarian brewers are at the top with the highest reputation in the countries of EU. The economic and social contribution of the brewing companies, their responsibilities as employers and producers, the transparent and ethical communications to the consumers are of the utmost importance for this particular assessment of the beer sector in our country. "

Date: 23.06.2021

Source: UBB

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