Iliya Levkov, Chairman of the National Branch Organization "Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster", on "Business Start", Bloomberg tv


"Bulgaria is drastically falling behind with the electric car stations", Iliya Levkov, Chairman of the National Branch Organization "Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster" stated during his interview on "Business Start" with Hristo Nikolov.

"The initiatives in the Bulgarian cities are very belated. We have been working in the electric car industry for 12 years. However, their number remains small compared to other European countries.

"As the number of electric cars increases, the pressure on the construction of new infrastructure will increase. There are currently about 300-350 green stations in Bulgaria," Levkov added.

It became clear that the municipalities are the active party in financing the construction of charging stations.

"You purchase an electric vehicle, and the municipality provides you with a place, even invests in the construction of a green station. In Bulgaria, this required legislative changes."

Burgas has the potential to become the first smart city in Bulgaria. The city is no less than the Spanish city of Bilbao, which is a good example of innovation, the guest explained.

"Burgas has the exact same geographical advantages as the Spanish coastal city. It only lacks a river. It has an airport and public transport, which is constantly updated. However, there is still much to happen to achieve the same results as Bilbao."

"We are participating in the Smart City Cluster project with our partners from the Spanish city of Bilbao. The initiative allowed us to see the things that have been achieved in Bilbao. The city was very dirty years ago and now has an amazing park, and all types of transport - there is an airport, trolleys. There are no traffic jams and cars move at 30 km/h, "Iliya Levkov pointed out.

Date: 25.03.2021

Source: Bloomberg

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