“If the decision of the headquarters and the government on Thursday is not in the interest of the industry and does not correspond to our demands, we move on to effective strike action!”

The strike strategy is still being discussed, but we do not rule out both organizing a protest and civil disobedience following the example of our colleagues in Italy.

The only acceptable solution for us is the opening of restaurants and cafes on 01.02.2021, under the conditions that were in force before the complete lockdown. Furthermore, we insist on opening all nightclubs on 01.03.2021, with the working time limit being lifted.

This is the wish of over 80% of the members of the two associations who took part in the poll. A similar survey, but this time aimed at a wider audience, was conducted on both Facebook pages of the associations, where the results were completely similar, but included the answers of the employees, working in restaurants and their customers.

The contacts we have with the representatives of the other closed sectors, such as the gyms and malls, express their unconditional support for active strike actions.


Date: 19.01.2021

Source: SZB

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