Date: 10.11.2020

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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The 16 European Young Innovators 2020 demonstrate how young entrepreneurs offer new solutions to protect the environment, educate people, reach gender equality, and offer new health services. The solutions are marked by relevance, quality, and immediate impact in their communities.  


The challenges of 2020 have caused Europe to rethink its systems and structures. Especially digital content has become a real problem solver, be it for remote working, online learning, healthcare or creating more sustainability. With the regional initiative of the European Young Innovators, WSA connects and highlights purpose driven digital entrepreneurship across Europe.

The 16 European Young Innovators 2020 focus on Europe’s most pressing issues – be it climate change, Health, Agriculture or Gender Equality - and provide digital solutions also for hacking the gender gap.

Educraft from Lithuania and LevelUp from the UK prove that gaming can be educational and support personal growth. MySkillCamp from Belgium and Perguntas da Especialidade from Portugal utilize apps to support professional growth.

AgroSmart HSI from Lithuania are tackling climate change by working on sustainable agriculture, while German tree planting fund raiser Plant for the Planet App aims to reduce CO2.

This is just a small selection of the intuitive services and use of digital means to provide a positive impact that the 16 European Young Innovators offer.

“The European Young Innovators combines two major perspectives in its initiative - first the commitment on the UN SDGs through Youth and the positive shaping of the future of Europe. The UN SDGs must be our measurement – in terms of what to look at and where to look. Today we are living in a completely different environment – this year’s challenges show more than ever how much digital means can offer progress and solutions. Hence, it is more important than ever to evaluate what is excellent content that really offers solutions and impact. Qualitative, local content has become the key and permanent issue. This year’s European Young Innovators present a wonderful showcase of purpose driven innovation and entrepreneurship.“ WSA Chairman Peter A. Bruck states.

The European Young Innovators 2020 will present their innovations at the WSA European Young Innovators Festival, from November 30 to December 2, 2020. The European Young Innovators Festival brings together the pan-European community of young innovators who use digital technology to achieve the UN SDGs.


Since many years, Graz is hosting the Festival – this year, Graz is the starting point of a virtual journey across Europe. The European Young Innovators Festival will offer a truly unique insight into young entrepreneurship from all over Europe, the latest digital trends, and international perspectives on innovation.

The agenda will be a compilation of interaction and inspiration, assembling workshops, business blind-dates and inspiring keynotes, bringing together the global and multi-stakeholder network of WSA. The festival is organized under the auspices of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Ms. Marija Pejčinović Burić.