Date: 13.10.2020

Source: National Employment Agency

Readed: 2560

Employers who wish to receive funds for the period before 1.10.2020 and meet the conditions of the Council of Ministers № 151 / 03.07.2020 (the second design of the measure 60/40), may submit their application and the required documents until 17:00h on 15.10.2020

The Employment Agency reminds the already approved employers under the second design of the measure 60/40 that the payment is made on the basis of a submitted current list of employees for the previous month and a Letter - declaration for a monthly reporting. The deadline for submitting these documents is 30th October, 2020.

The specified deadlines for acceptance of application documents and for submission of monthly reporting documents for the previous period are determined in accordance with CMD 278 / 12.10.2020 and by Order of the Executive Director of the Employment Agency, according to Art. 4, para 1 and art. 5, para 1 of CMD 151/2020

The Employment Agency draws attention to the fact that employers must comply with the set deadlines for application (15.10.2020) and for monthly reporting (30.10.2020), as the documents submitted after these dates are not subject to verification and evaluation by the commissions. in employment offices.

The documents can be submitted electronically through the System for secure electronic service / SSEV /, signed with a qualified electronic signature / QES / or through a licensed postal operator, and if it is impossible to use these two methods - by visiting the labor office.

Regardless of the method of sending, the documents are submitted to the Directorate "Labor Office", serving the territory at the place of work of employees or in the labor office, where the employer is approved.

The updated Procedure for application of employers under CMD 151/2020 and other detailed information for application and monthly reporting of employers is published on the website of the Employment Agency, under the heading "Payment of compensation for maintaining employment".