Date: 30.07.2020

Source: Channel 3

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The events we are currently witnessing are caused by a healthcare, political and economic crisis. There is also an overlap between these occuring crises, starting with the health crisis at the beginning of March, which was a test for the institutions. This was announced by the Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian Industrial Association Dimitar Brankov at Channel 3 "The Day Live with Nadelina Aneva".

"On the other hand, we have long unresolved issues caused by delayed internal reforms. Even without COVID-19, an escalation of the economic crisis was expected, the health crisis was just an occasion for this to happen”, he added.

"However, we may be one of the only countries in the EU to see a cash surplus in the first quarter. The surplus that the opposition is talking about may be the fixed reserve. However, we are not in a US situation where money is being printed. The logic is simple and the financial theory proves it, such money should be spent on investments ", explained the Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian Industrail Association.

"I personally consider this measure of BGN 150 for pensioners to be a measure that has its justification, because over the years there has been a lag in raising pensions, which is not observed in salaries," he added.

"Rapid liquidity support for small and medium-sized enterprises is essential. We want more transparency in the process of applying for companies, so that the measures can be more effective, "Brankov stressed.