Date: 29.07.2020

Source: BNRBulgarian National Radio

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The Parliament's Budget Committee has approved a new extension of the 9 per cent VAT rate. If the drafts are approved tomorrow in the plenary hall, starting from August 1st there will be a lower tax on wine and beer served in restaurants, on the sports facilities, on the commission of tour operators and occasional transport for tourism, the chairman of the Commission Menda Stoyanova explained:

"This once again proves that there‘s a breakthrough in the flat rate, which always leads to the expansion of the types of services under the pressure and demand of the respective businesses, which is quite normal."

So far, there are no exact calculations of what the damage to the budget will be in the new series of reduced VAT. I would like to remind you that from July 1st , the catering services and restaurants, the baby goods and books will all be at the lower rate.

With another legal amendment, the deputies from the Budget Committee extended the term in which it will be possible to provide vouchers for the reserved and unfulfilled trips abroad:

"The measure really affects people, individuals who have paid their trips, but will not be able to receive a replacement trip or their money back by the end of 2020, but on the other hand the tour operators have also paid for this service, as the air travel is usually fully paid for at 100%, and the booked hotels -at a small percentage. They also don‘t get their money back, so there is no way for them to refund the money to their customers. "