Date: 25.03.2020

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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Due to the state of emergency in the country and the ban on training institutions to attend courses on-site, the Cisco Academy of the Bulgarian Industrial Association has started distance education.

The seamless transition from attendance to online training for the students is due to several factors:

1. All materials are on the Cisco Networking Academy platform and are accessible with a user name and password from any device connected to the Internet.
2. Cisco Systems WebEx platform that provides video and audio connectivity, screen sharing, whiteboard, chat session, and more.
3. An experienced team of instructors who, together with the BIA IT experts, "elevate" the virtual network equipment so that all the exercises that were previously done in the room will be possible during the online trainings.
4. Motivated students who enthusiastically turn the learning process into a pleasant activity on Saturdays and Sundays.


Participants in distance learning receive a 10% discount on attendance fees.