Date: 17.12.2019

Source: Union of Brewers in Bulgaria

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There are already more than 10,000 breweries in EU countries, according to the latest data published by Brewers of Europe. At the same time, over the last five years, the production and consumption of beer on the old continent have been steadily growing and increasing the added value of the industry.

According to the European Statistical Organization's Annual Statistical Report, many key economic indicators show sustained growth. For the first time in 10 years, the volume of beer production in the EU countries exceeds 400 million hectoliters. At the same time, Poland is already the second largest brewer in the EU, displacing Britain. By the same indicator, Bulgaria is in the golden environment of the ranking, ranking immediately after Denmark and ahead of countries such as Croatia and Slovakia.

On the other hand, beer consumption has grown in each of the EU member states over the last 2 years amidst the incredible diversity of over 50,000 brands and assortments of beer. For the sake of a healthier lifestyle, more and more consumers are turning to low-alcohol and natural beverages and, respectively, to the beer category. Consumption of low alcohol and non-alcoholic beers is also increasing every year.

"Similar trends are observed in our country. Annual independent surveys conducted for the beer category show that 30% of Bulgarians consider beer to be part of a healthy lifestyle with moderate consumption, and 35% think that it is the right drink for them. why, more than ever, the industry is working hard to meet the expectations of consumers with sustainable production, product innovation, complete transparency of ingredients, nutrients and calories of almost 100% of all beer produced in the country. " lnitelen director of the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria.

For more than a decade, statistical reports on beer have shown a steady development of the category as an important consumer and export commodity for the EU with a significant contribution to the European economy. Exports in total exceed 90 million hectoliters and imports 55 million hectoliters. In 2018, excise tax revenues from beer sales in EU countries amount to € 11.4 billion.

For the same period, direct employment exceeded 140,000 people, while five years earlier, 125,000 people worked in the industry. Breweries in Germany - 27 561 people and in Great Britain - 17 200 are the highest in employment.

In 2018, the EU beer market volume is 371 million hectoliters. By this indicator, the leading position is Germany, followed by Great Britain and Spain, while Bulgaria retains 13th position. In terms of beer consumption per capita in the EU, our country ranks 10th, with the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany again in the top three with exams over 100 liters of beer per capita. 

According to the UBB data, the average weighted frequency of beer consumption in Bulgaria is usually 8-9 times a month. For 2019, surveys show that 70% of Bulgarians over the age of 18 consume beer at least once a month and 52% at least once a week. The most active consumers are between 30 and 49 years old. In 2019 they most often put their beer on the table in Rousse - 12 times a month, in Montana - 11 times a month, and in Burgas and Pleven - 10 times.

Statistics show that the beer category is booming, both in Europe as a whole and in individual countries and markets - no matter how big or small they are. The 10th European Brewers' Gala Forum "Beer serves Europe" is also expected to take place in March 2020 in Brussels, traditionally attended by representatives of official EU institutions, journalists, members of the European Parliament's Beer Club, public figures and experts. The anniversary event will present in full detail the most recent results on the economic contribution of the brewing industry over the last 3 years, supported by data and analysis for each EU country, including Bulgaria.


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