Date: 17.10.2019

Source: BNRBulgarian National Radio

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"Encouraging employers to hire people with disabilities is better off with incentive measures rather than with sanctions and non-employer-imposed heavz regulations. This will not be benefitial for the disabled people. " This was announced by Jasmina Saraivanova, an expert in defense of employers' interests at the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) for the interview with BNR.

The General Labor Inspectorate has inspected nearly 900 companies in connection with the new requirements which have introduced quotas for the employment of disabled people in order to promote their employment. So far, 110 companies have paid BGN 92 244 for 549 jobs as a compensation for the unfulfilled employment quotas for people with disabilities, MLSP reported.

In the program “Before All”, Saraivanova outlined some of the problems that employers are faced with:

"Among the various cities, there might be no suitable people with disabilities, who meet the requirements for employment in the enterprise, despite the employer's good will to appoint such a person ... Things should not be arranged in a fragmentary way, but should rather be approached in its entity. The possibilities for a radical change in medical expertise, the Disabled Persons Act and the Implementing Regulations must also be taken into consideration and properly adjusted. "

According to the expert, there should be an integration of the registers for the insured persons, for the concluded employment contracts and for the issued expert decisions, “because an employer needs to know what kind of people he ot she hires, as he or she may prove that the potential employee has fulfilled the quotas for employment of people with disabilities. "

You can hear the interview with Jasmina Saraivanova in the audio file.