Date: 09.10.2019

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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Yassen Tanev - Chairman of BARBS (member of BIA), director of Zucchetti Bulgaria and founder of the digital community center at Cybersecurity, was among the speakers at a conference, regarding the key role of data and new technologies in the future of business organizations.

The event was organized by the US software company AtScale*, a global leader in Big Data processing. The forum was officially opened by the Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Andreana Atanasova.

"In the era of big data, access to well-organized and consolidated data is crucial, so we are convinced that in order to increase the competitiveness of Bulgarian companies, it is crucial to increase their competence in the direction of new technologies and processing of big data," Mihail Mihailov said at the inauguration of the conference, who is the global director of engineering and development at AtScale and the vice president of the company.

To the participants in the forum, Yassen Tanev spoke on the topic "How to read the devices to avoid digital Chernobyl in the private sector?" In his speech he referred to the leak of personal data from the National Revenue Agency, as well as to the controversial changes in the Regulation H-18 (for cash registers), many of which are directly relevant to information security.

Daniel Gray, senior director of corporate sales at AtScale, presented his views on how businesses can leverage data and new technologies as a competitive advantage, as well as the need to create a culture for public sector databases.

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