Date: 21.05.2019

Source: Darik radio

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“The business should open for young people and support the dual education” – this was called for in the Darik studio by the newly elected chairman of BIA in Dobrich Nikolay Radev.

He also invited interested parties to a forum dedicated to the interaction between business and education.

“It is a challenge and a cause for me to try to do something in the direction of education and the creation of staff needed for the business,” Radev said. He presented the Business and Education Discussion Forum, which will start tomorrow in Dobrich, organized by BIA with the support and cooperation of the Municipality of Dobrich.

The event includes representatives of companies from the region, managers of vocational high schools and other educational institutions from Dobrich region. The forum will be opened by the mayor of Dobrich Yordan Yordanov and the chairman of the Bulgarian Industrial Association Radosvet Radev.

“Education and business need to adjust their frequencies to one wave and the business should participate in drawing up of admission plans for schools in Dobrich region”, said Nikolay Radev. “At the moment, we all have a great deal of need for skilled professionals. We have been late in this respect for more than 20 years.”

“The business is dissatisfied with the low labor productivity, which in Dobrich region is below the average for the country. Stimulation should be adequate and work-related. We buy people’s labor and pay for it, and when there is no meeting between offering and buying, there are problems. We are not motivated to raise wages if there is not enough productivity gains. But this is not just about workers. Investing in infrastructure, machinery and equipment, markets, training and workforce, and ecology - these are the five factors for sustainable development and successful business,” said the chairman of BIA - Dobrich.