The three-day exhibitions and conferences organized by Via Expo – “Energy Efficiency & Renewables”, “Save the Planet - Waste Management & Recycling” and “Smart Cities” were launched. During the official opening, Radosvet Radev, President of the Bulgarian Industrial Association, greeted the participants.

He emphasized that today more than ever, it is important that new developments reach the market more quickly and be deployed, that more time is devoted to the circular economy, because it is the model of the future and to seek maximum absorption of the potential of renewable energy in practice.

“I believe that within these three days, dozens of you will find your business partners from the Balkan countries, discover new niches for development, or simply adjust your watch to the latest trends in energy efficiency, waste management and intelligent cities,” Radosvet Radev said during the official opening.

This is another edition of the serial events, organized by Via Expo - Energy Efficiency & Renewables, Save the Planet - Waste Management & Recycling and Smart Cities, which take place at IEC, Sofia between 16 and 18 of April. The events are attended by companies from 14 countries that present resource-efficient and cost-effective solutions with applications in industry, municipalities, agriculture and households.

Apart from being an institutional partner, BIA also participated in a stand at this year’s Save the Planet Exhibition. At the booth (Hall 6, Booth B3) you can learn about the possibilities of an internet-based platform for waste reuse, how you can make money from your waste and find quality raw materials.


Date: 16.04.2019

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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