Date: 30.01.2019

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The Bulgarian Industrial Association will provide guest speakers from the real business to the newest High School of Programming in Bourgas. These will be individuals with experience and example, who will motivate and inspire young people for their future realization. “This is an important step for us, which will make the training more exciting and accessible to the students. I thank the President of BIA - Mr. Radosvet Radev, because he saw our need at the very beginning and offered a solution, he is a visionary and I am glad that with this initiative he helps for the development of Bourgas”, the mayor of Bourgas Municipality - Dimitar Nikolov said.

More than a month ago a memorandum of cooperation in the field of information and communication technologies was signed between the Bourgas IT School and the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA). The newest Bulgarian school and business will partner for the development of vocational education in the field of technology and cyber-security.

“Recent studies have shown that up to 15 years, 100% of the professions will be dependent on technology, and there is a great transformation in education, which has different perspectives for us: I want the children of Bourgas to be healthy and adequate to this demand, and for that I believe local authorities need to do their best,” Nikolov said.

Mayor Dimitar Nikolov is categorical that education policy will also be a priority in 2019. In his words, the results of all these efforts will be visible after 5 years but will be positive and sustainable.