Date: 08.01.2019


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“By 2020, there will surely be a breakthrough in the production of electric vehicle batteries. It will include the introduction of new technologies, new production principles, etc.,” said Ilia Levkov – Chairman of the Board of EVIC in an interview for Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

Levkov noted that this breakthrough will have a positive impact on the electric vehicle market, as the battery currently remains the most expensive element of such a vehicle. The delay in deliveries of electric cars for months is also due to shortage of batteries, so positive changes can be expected in this respect.

“The process of the introduction of the electric mobility in Bulgaria will surely become a fact”, Levkov said and noted the need to train cadres in the sphere.

“The higher education system sporadically prepares staff, but that is not enough. Business needs to recognize its employees from vocational training.”

EVIC has already begun working with Bulgarian educational institutions in this direction, Levkov noted. He pointed out that the organization prepares and provides lecturers with higher education institutions in vocational education, the model being created 2 years ago.

Norway is the country, which experience in the introduction of electric mobility should be an example, Levkov said.

“Already 10 years ago, Norway introduced a great electric vehicle policy - free parking, zero tax, the possibility of such cars moving in the bus lane. All these steps are in the right direction, it is normal for this process to be extremely effective.”