Date: 26.07.2018

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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A charity fundraiser event for building a vocational school to the Regional Industrial Association – Ruse was held on the 26th of July 2018.

The idea of building the school dates back to several years ago, but its implementation is already under way. The school will build on the experience gained so far by the licensed Vocational Training Center at RIA - Ruse and will offer opportunities for young people over 15 years of age to study and work in local businesses where they can gain professional experience. The school will function based on public-private partnerships with existing high schools in the region and aims to put into practice the possibilities of dual learning.

We are committed to finding professional lecturers, providing a quick vocational training methodology and positions in companies where young people will work three days a week. We are committed to providing these 15-year-olds with scholarships, food, work clothes and everything needed so that they can become fully qualified workers in the shortest time possible,” said prof. Enimanev during the presentation of the school. “There is a terrible scarcity of technical staff in companies, at present these positions may not be too attractive for pupils and their parents, but this situation will soon change,” added the chairman of RIA - Ruse.

During the charity event, RIA – Ruse’s annual awards for contribution to the development of local economy were also presented. Some of the awards were announced by the Executive President of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) Radosvet Radev. “I am of those Bulgarians, who like Ruse very much. The entrepreneurs here give people the opportunity to watch, to make Ruse significant as all the towns along the Danube. Bulgaria owes a lot to Ruse. The invitation of prof. Enimanev is one of the first for me as an Executive President of BIA. It is very difficult to be in Bojidar’s place. I took this commitment not only with respect to myself but also because I respect every Bulgarian entrepreneur. BIA makes the commitment to be a modern organization, which makes the Bulgarian economy modern. Right from here. We have the clear desire to become better and richer,” said in his address to the participants the Executive President of BIA.