Date: 25.04.2018

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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Today marks the 38th anniversary of the establishment of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA). For nearly four decades, the Chamber has established itself as a leading business and employers' organization in Bulgaria, conducting innovative ideas for the development of the economy. BIA has the self-confidence to be a factor in the socio-economic relations in Bulgaria, and the reason for this is the numerous proposals made for changes in the legal framework and administrative practice, the dozens of projects in the sphere of economy, social policy, education, innovation and others.

Even before the democratic changes in the early 1990s, BIA created the first venture capital fund in Bulgaria and the first commercial bank in Bulgaria to finance the construction of more than 600 small and medium-sized enterprises. Much of them are successful today. An important part of the activity of BIA from this period is related to the creation of technology parks at the Technical Universities in Sofia and Varna, working in the field of technology transfer.

Since 1990, BIA has been actively involved in the process of placing the Bulgarian economy on market fundamentals. The Chamber is involved with ideas and expertise in rulemaking concerning business in the transition period and supports the processes of the transition of the economy entirely towards market development. The role of BIA in the development of the dialogue between employers and trade unions and the building of the social partnership system in the country is extremely important. BIA was the first in Bulgaria to establish branch business and employers' organizations that established themselves as reputable partners of the relevant sectoral trade union and administrative structures. Under the aegis of BIA and with its active participation, the collective bargaining starts at branch and company level. Among the BIA's merits for the development of the modern Bulgarian economy are the creation of the Bulgarian stock market and the introduction of the Court of Arbitration as an institution helping to resolve trade disputes more quickly. BIA became the conductor of the European membership of the country through the establishment of the Joint Consultative Committee Bulgaria - European Union. The Chamber is the initiator and co-founder of the Committee and has been chairing it on the Bulgarian side for two consecutive terms.

BIA has also been recognized internationally through its membership in Europe's largest business organization BUSINESSEUROPE and its active work in many European and international social partner bodies, The European Economic and Social Committee, the International Labor Organization, the International Labor Organization, etc. The Chamber has signed partnership agreements with over 70 related organizations from around the world.

We celebrate the celebration of all colleagues, members and followers who have linked their fate in some form with BIA.