From January 2009 BIA has new Vice president. This is Dimitar Brankov, existing General Director of the Center "Clean industry".

Dimiter Brankov has graduated in University of Economics in Sofia in 1982. He has worked in the whole sale and qualification companies and as assistant professor in the Institute for Management and Administration under Council of Ministers. In 1990 he obtained Ph.D within Institute of Economics at the Bulgarian Academy of Science.

In 1992 he joined Bulgarian Industrial Association as expert to the Economic analysis Department. Latter he has been appointed as director responsible for Environmental Policy and Vice chairman of BIA as for the December 2008.

Dimiter Brankov has taken membership to the Governing Council of the National Employment Service, to Accreditation Council, Working Group Environment and other consultative bodies to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, Ministry of Environment and others.

He has specialized Micro and Macro Economics, Advanced Level Course (1991), Industrial Relations and Corporate Management at NIKKEIREN, Japan (1993), International Institute for Labor Studies at ILO (2001), Environmental Management Systems UNEP/ICC training course, St Catherine’s Colleague, Oxford and Government Institutes WDC (1997), and has qualification as chief auditor of QMS and EMS (1998).

Dimiter Brankov has more than 70 publications in industrial relations, labor market, corporate management and EMS. He obtained intensive consulting and teaching experience in the course project management and implementation in Bulgaria, Russia, Macedonia, Romania, Albania, and UK. He speaks fluently English and Russian.

Date: 23.01.2009

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