Today, 1st February 2018, the BusinessEurope Director General Markus  Beyrer visited BIA and met the Vice Presidents of BIA Dimiter Brankov and Kamen Kolev and Director General Branimir Handjiev, who is a member of the BusinessEurope’s Executive Committee.

 Topics for discussion:

  • BusinessEurope’s priorities for the Bulgarian Presidency of the European Union
  • The organization of the forthcoming meeting of the Council of Presidents of BusinessEurope (May 17-18, 2018) with the participation of the Minister for the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council 2018.
  • The participation of BusinessEurope in the planned international meeting on the importance of the Black Sea region and its relationship with the Danube Strategy, which BIA is organizing jointly with the European Economic and Social Committee (June, Varna region).

Mr Beyrer was informed of the progress of preparations for the upcoming forums, that Bulgarian President Rumen Radev has confirmed his willingness to receive the presidents of the member federations of BusinessEurope on 17 May 2018.

BIA is the only Bulgarian organization that has been a member of BusinessEurope since 1999 and is actively involved in its activities. The Executive President of the Bulgarian Industrial Association, Bojidar Danev, was elected a Vice President of BusinessEurope at the annual meeting of the Presidents of the European business organization, held on 1 December last year in Tallinn (Estonia).

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Earlier today, Mr Beyrer took part in the meeting of the economic ministers in the framework of the informal meeting on Competitiveness.

EU Ministers of Economy opened a political discussion on the future of the industrial policy in Europe, with the aim of preparing a comprehensive and long-term EU industrial strategy with a horizon to 2030.

In view of establishing the future EU industrial strategy, the Ministers discussed trends and factors that determine the future of the European industry, and common goals and priorities for the new industrial strategy, which will ensure that the European industry is competitive in the changing global environment. Key aspects addressed by the Ministers included digitalisation, value added chains, the integration of European companies and how they can compete most successfully on the global markets, and the role of core and energy-intensive industries for the overall European industry.

By initiating this first discussion the Bulgarian Presidency set the foundations for a future industrial strategy of the European Union. Today’s meeting will be followed by a series of meetings and sessions at political and expert levels, including formal ministerial meetings in Brussels in March to develop a comprehensive and long-term industrial strategy.


Date: 01.02.2018

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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