Date: 15.09.2017

Source: IKEM

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First day of school. This day is remembered by us and our parents as a symbol of the new beginning - a new school year, new knowledge and skills, and for some - a new classroom.

PG Velizar Peev - Svoge opened the new school 2017-2018 with a new class "Electric Vehicles", which today gathered for the first time 7th graders from Svoge, Novi Iskar and Sofia. At the end of the first class, all seventh graders of the new class had the opportunity to explore and take on the electric Renault, and experience the feel of this new mode of transport.

Vocational Technical High School - Varna also welcomed the first school day with a new class "Electric vehicles" and the presence of the Toyota Prius hybrid, ToyotaYaris andNissan Leaf conversion.

New classes in the field of electric mobility opened the year in the GMS of the Ministry of Transport - Gotse Delchev and PG TE Henry Ford - Sofia.

As a branch organization, ECM promotes links between secondary and tertiary education, vocational and dual learning. We are proud that the efforts of the Initiative Group on "Sustainable Training for Electric Mobility Personnel" give good results.

Happy first school day!