Date: 14.07.2017

Source: BNRBulgarian National Radio

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At the House of Europe is held a conference on "The Investment Plan for Europe - Opportunities for the Bulgarian Business" ...

At the House of Europe, a conference on "The Investment Plan for Europe - Opportunities for Bulgarian Business" is held. The main objective of the initiative is to contribute to the development of an objective and accessible information environment in the country on the EU's actions to promote job creation, growth and investment.

Statistics show that over the past 20 years, investments in Europe have fallen by nearly 50% compared to the rest of the world. It is for this reason that in the EU by 2015 the Junker plan is being implemented, whose main objective is to stimulate and develop SMEs and to increase jobs.

According to Kamen Kolev, Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian Industrial Association, among the problems of the business continue to be:

  • Inter-company indebtedness (state and municipalities also delay payments);
  • Labor shortage;
  • Insufficient use and implementation of public-private partnerships in new infrastructure projects;
  • Over-regulation and administrative burdens.