Date: 02.05.2017

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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ulgarian Industrial Association executed a contract with subject “Expanding and integrating the Competence Assessment Information System with Employment Agency’s actions and target groups’ needs”.  An application, called “Jobseeker’s personality profile” was developed and provided to the Employment Agency.

The “Jobseeker’s personality profile” application is a WEB-application, which can be used in Labour Offices for helping individuals, who are registered there, in their job search. It provides a holistic approach to assessing individuals, which takes after the best practices in EU for creating and operating with profiles. Thus, profiling should become detailed and profound. The application allows creating profiles of jobseekers by providing a detailed description of their strengths, acquired knowledge, skills and competences, as well as areas for development. Individuals’ attitudes and behaviour can be assessed and analyzed, thus, people can be directed to suitable vacancies and measures for development. Essentially, the application allows using MyCompetence’s resources for the needs and purposes of the Employment Agency. These resources include: questionnaires for assessment, online trainings, competency models for positions in different economic sectors. In addition, the application includes tools, developed especially for profiling, which assess jobseekers’ individual characteristics. Thus, their profiles would contain comprehensive, significant and meaningful information.

Three separate trainings were conducted for implementing the “Jobseeker’s personality profile” application: for employees in Central Administration of Employment Agency, in Sofia Labour Office Directorates and in Plovdiv Labour Office Directorates. During the training the participants explored the application and its functionalities and innovations.

 BIA provides a fully developed WEB-application to the Employment Agency with the completion of the project. It allows efficient targeting of jobseekers on the labor market. The application is expected to be fully implemented in the Employment Agency by the end of the year, thereby the quality of the Agency’s services should be improved.