Date: 16.11.2016

Source: BNRBulgarian National Radio

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“The economy is going upwards and it is not necessary to rush the adoption of the budget”, said in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio Mr. Bojidar Danev - Executive President of the BIA.

“We have some comments about the budget because it contains high budgetary outlays and a modest growth. With a good governance and reduction of the statement of expenditure, good results can be achieved. There is no drama because a 1/12 part of the previous budget could be spent. Money will be saved and the realization of populist views in a time of lawlessness will be prevented”, said Mr. Danev.

“It is best to work by the previous budget and when a new parliament is elected to be developed a new one in correspondence with the policies, which will be pursued. Otherwise we will get into a spiral of irresponsibility – someone adopts the budget and someone else implements it”, said also Mr. Danev.

Mr. Danev also pointed out that Bulgaria goes down into the ranking of business environment. “In these conditions it is far clearer that we have to be modest in the statement of expenditure.”

“We have to stop with the big spending, with the pressure onto business, with the high taxes and the offensive into business in all directions”, said Mr. Danev.