Date: 25.10.2016

Source: Bulgarian Industrial Association

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The BIA, in a partnership with UTink launches a new digital platform for optimization of the monthly utility expenditures of our members’ and every other Bulgarian entrepreneur and company who says “yes” to free negotiation.

The features of UTink were presented for the first time to branch and regional organizations, members of the BIA. More than 70 people from different economic sectors and several regions of the country participated.

The aim of this platform is to offer an alternative to utility operators and expenditures on monthly utility services such as energy, fuel, telecommunications and many more.

Furthermore, this platform will introduce all new services to the Bulgarian market like temporary recruitment of human resources, sharing of free resources and joint usage of resources.

To be a part of this unique platform, visit and become a member of the society of sharing economy.

Our first proposal is about energy supply. Our users will have the opportunity to replace their supplier through a facilitated procedure.

With our tariff plan “Na svetlo” you have the opportunity to settle on electricity price of 0,085 BGN/kWh for a year.

Stay tuned for our next attractive offers!

Optimize your costs and live better!