Date: 03.10.2016


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A lot of professions are disappearing because they are no longer needed and the division of high- and low-skilled employees will deepen.” This is the forecast of Executive President of the Bulgarian Industrial Association, Mr. Bojidar Danev, which he expressed at a discussion about future European social policies.

Danev mentioned the three main problems, which Bulgaria has to face – the demographic crisis, the migration of two million Bulgarians into more developed economies and the fast entry of technologies. In his opinion, in two years the Bulgarian labour market will look completely different.

“The need of interpreters will decrease with 90%, as well as the need for bank office employees because you can manage your finances through your mobile phone. There is no need for accountants. Junior law experts who retrieve data will also disappear”, Danev says.

He also commented that more skilled people will become richer and people with less skill and knowledge will be poorer. The share of sharing economy is going to increase – a model, which bypasses the government regulations.