Date: 03.10.2016

Source: Economic and Social Council of the RB

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All of the participants in the discussion about the project of the European Commission for creating European Pillar of Social Rights have agreed that Bulgaria has to be a part of the project. The discussion was co-organized by the Economic and Social Council of Bulgaria (ESC) and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

More than a hundred civil society organizations, members of the EESC, members of the ESC and representatives of the scientific community participated in the discussion. The opening involved also Mrs. Zornitsa Roussinova, Minister of Labor and Social Policy and Mr. Hasan Ademov, Chairman of the Labour, Social and Demographic Policy Committee in the Bulgarian Parliament.

The project, presented earlier this year by the President of the European Committee, Jean-Claude Juncker sparked a lively discussion on three main topics: equal opportunities, access to the labour market, fair working conditions and an appropriate and sustainable social protection.

Bojidar Danev, a member of the EESC and Executive President of the BIA drew attention to the need of a new education approach relating to the increasing difference between high- and low-skilled employees in the era of digital and sharing economy. He also emphasized on the necessity of extensive analyses and forecast of the economic development, without which is impossible to estimate the new educational approach.