Interdisciplinary knowledge and hybrid skills - a combination of technical capabilities, marketing acumen and entrepreneurial mindset. This business is looking for now, according to a recent survey of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA).

Results were presented today at a forum "Challenges of the labor market in Bulgaria: the role of skills and competences" organized by the BIA with the World Bank and the "Open Society".

"Chance for professional success people have analytical, innovative and creative thinking. The labor market is also value skills development, creation and implementation of new technologies, willingness to learn and improve, "said the head of the National Centre for Competence Assessment to BIA Dr. Tomcho Tomov.

According to the survey everywhere are necessary competencies for teamwork, leadership, decision making, problem solving, communication, emotional intelligence and a commitment to change. Advantages are speed, flexibility, adaptability, organization, self-efficacy, the courage to take responsibility, reliability, attention to detail and focus on the customer. Important for many areas are also the skills to work under pressure and stress, self-control and time management.

Just for the evaluation and development of these core competencies is helping developed by BIA Competence Assessment Information System (MyCompetence). "This is not just a software. MyCompetence is a unique infrastructure based now in 20 key sectors in the economy. It includes 260 pilot enterprises, 17 universities, many vocational schools, 12 consultancies in the field of personnel management, "said Tomov.

Photos from the event


Date: 14.04.2015

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