Competence Assessment Information System MyCompetence.bg turns one year. The functioning and effectiveness of MyCompetence is ensured by the National competence assessment network which encompasses employers, managers, specialists, consultants, state experts and experts from other institutions.

The main users of MyCompetence are:

  • Organisations (managers, HRM specialists, competence assessors)
  • Ministries, agencies and other institutions and organisations related to the labour market and the spheres of education, continuous learning, recruitment and employee leasing, career guidance
  • Higher education institutions, vocational schools, licensed centres for vocational training
  • Organisations providing services in the spheres of recruitment, management, training and development of human resources
  • Workers and employees legally employed by organisations
  • Students.

With the implementation of the information system created conditions for increasing labor productivity by up to 30% reduction of losses from low labor and technological discipline in half, reducing staff turnover by 50% and reducing the cost of inefficient selection 80 percent.

MyCompetence.bg information system is unique and completely new for Bulgaria product that provides standardized information exchange provides tools, resources and specialized services that support the processes of defining, evaluating and developing the competencies of the workforce in sectors and regions.

MyCompetence.bg contain professional standards of competence and classifiers (sectoral models) for more than 20 economic sectors, descriptions of the requirements for 460 key positions, including knowledge, skills and competency frameworks identified, defined and classified over 1,800 skills and 9,000 behavioral indicators derived from practice.

Since the launch of the project for the creation of an information system so far trained more than 2,700 employers and employees in key competencies (computer work, teamwork, social skills, etc.).. 647 employees and managers have been trained in how businesses use MyCompetence.bg, and more than 1,500 employees are consulted about the possibilities of the system. To introduce the management of human resources based on competency model, and to improve the state of the labor market are drawn 70 expert studies and 4 package of proposals to change the law and practice in the country.

MyCompetence.bg is a trademark owned by the Bulgarian Industrial Association.

Date: 24.09.2014

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