Date: 23.06.2014

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Bulgarian industry, which buys electricity on the free market is very concerned about the non-market approaches to producers and insists:
  1. Tenders for electricity to be canceled because of manipulation and artificially inflated prices by over 10% drop in consumption. Move the regulatory period on 01.08.2014 (for this year) in order to have enough time for all procedures. To solve normative auctions to make at least one month before the regulatory period.
  2. Immediately be suspended exports of cheap electricity with the given price advantage through non-payment of price "obligations to society" and the price of access 'high voltage'. Export only be carried out under equal market conditions for internal and external consumption!
  3. Allow users to import electricity at market rates and without artificially limiting capacity through transmission facilities.
Steering Committee BFIEC
Management Board of BAMI
Management Board of the BIA