Part of the state financing of the universities should be orientated towards the fund for student credit and not given to the universities for the number of students who are studying there. This suggestion was made by Kamel Kolev on a meeting with representatives the European commission who are on their regular visit in the country in order to make a inspection on the economic conditions in Bulgaria.

The propose of BIA related to the introduction of certain  reforms in the funding of the higher education will be in purpose of the universities as they will help them become more motivated, increase their competitiveness and make the relation between education and labor market closer. In this way the responsibility of the education and its realization will be in the hand only of the students as they will need to take credits in order to take a university degree. The refund of these credits will happen as the students will have to pay part of their social insurances. Another positive aspect of this measure is that students will be motivated to start work legally and to decide well which labor sector will be the most suitable for them. On the other hand, they will be motivated to receive as high a salary as possible in order to return their credits faster.

Representatives of BIA stressed that this suggestion is not related to such specialties which are necessary for the economy. Such analyses are done regularly in order to show that the economy needs professionals with technical knowledge and good abilities. The vice chairman of BIA Dimityr Branckov called for a revision of the number of universities in the country and for an improvement of the quality of the education. He pointed out that in Israel there are 7 universities and in Bulgaria the number of universities is 50. Although there are specific features of the economic condition in every country, the quality of education must be ensured by the realization of the students when they leave university. Only 4 percent of the evaluation of universities is the realization of labor market and the salaries that students gain after education said George Chivarov (Deputy Chairman of the BIA). According to Branckov, the problem in our education starts in the secondary education. During it, students are not motivated to observe their talents and to be professionally orientated.

Date: 11.02.2014

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