Director of National Center for Competence Assessment Tomcho Tomov present data for the labor market.


For 24 years, Bulgaria has created a new phenomenon ancestral unemployed. That's about 40% of the total number of unemployed people in the country, it became clear during the discussion of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) for the dual system training to support youth employment. During the meeting Tomcho Tomov present opportunities of information systems for competency assessment.


According Tomcho Tomov ancestral unemployed are young people who have never had a first job, and before that in the same position were their parents. "Most often talk about Bulgarians with low education and no qualifications for which the labor market is closed long ago." Said the director of the National Centre of Competence Assessment.


50% of unemployed youth in the country are without secondary education - primary or even lower. 62% have no qualifications and 46% of them have spent more than a year without a job. 28.4 % of young people up to 25 years in employment or education, although this National Institute of Statistics and the Employment Agency disagree, he added.


Statistics are counted 85,000 idle young people, and the agency they estimated at about 120,000. Moreover, not all low educated - one in four of them graduate.


30% of young unemployed have not started work never, commented Tomov. An idea of the state is that people in some way be involved in the so-called dual training, the state began to enter.


The meeting was given a lot of interesting statistics on computer skills Bulgarians that breaks pretty myths. It appears for example, that only 53% of people used a computer, which means that nearly half of our countrymen had close encounters with the mouse. Only 41% have they worked with files, and presentations were made ​​6% of our compatriots.


Date: 29.10.2013

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