Date: 14.10.2013

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The discrepancy between education and the needs of the labor market is a major problem for businesses. That said, the Executive Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and head of the project "Development and implementation of an information system to evaluate the competence of the workforce in sectors and regions" Bojidar Danev during a forum on vocational education and training, organized by the Government.

"No job, but also not and people to work," said Danev, adding that the goal of vocational education is to ensure that knowledge, but also the skills of the students. "Without developing the competencies of students and no professional training." added Danev.

During his speech to the specialist community leader of the National Centre for Competence Assessment Tomcho Tomov said that over 30% of workers in Bulgaria are over-qualified for the position that they occupy. At the same time, however, is present a serious shortage of technicians and professionals. Tomcho Tomov briefed - information system of the BIA, which provides an opportunity for employees, employers, education specialists and to compare the knowledge and skills they have or are in the curriculum requirements of the business. More than 400 professional standards are described by the real companies from 20 sectors and they can be useful to the educational system, added Tomov.