Date: 13.08.2013

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Vice President of BIA Brankov will attend the meeting of the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation, scheduled for August 15, 2013, after today’s issue of “Darzhaven vestnik” were promulgated amendments to the Law amending the Law on Public Disclosure of senior state, public and other positions in the public and private sectors.

With changes in the law eliminated the amendment which obligated the members of the management bodies of the employers and trade unions to declare their assets. Statements of those who have announced what will be removed from the public register of the Court.

The Court within one month from the entry into force of the law should be sent to the Executive Director of the NRA and the State Agency “National Security” list of names of people whose commitment to the declaration of assests falls.

In early June, at a meeting with the Speaker of National Assembly Mikov, representatives of the BIA committed chamber to restore their participation in the tripartite dialogue and to join as a full member in the greetings of the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation.

Upon his retirement from the tripartite dialogue BIA started the texts are unconstitutional and that affects a lot of people who are engaged in business, but do not distribute public funds. BIA has received the support of many international organizations, including the International Labor Organization for the removal of the controversial texts in the law.